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total health at the computerTotal Health at the Computer
How To Be Pain Free at the Computer
by Martin Sussman and Dr. Ernest Loewenstein with Howard Sann

"The best self-help book for computer users."
Dr. Carl F. Gruning, O.D., SUNY State College of Optometry

In this user-friendly guide, you will learn how to prevent, reduce or eliminate the 40 most commonly experienced symptoms of Computer Stress Syndrome. Wrist, hand, arm, neck and back pains of all kinds are covered. So are vision problems - including eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches and deteriorating eyesight.

Total Health at the Computer reg. price: $13.95

Here's some of what you'll find:

Strain, headaches, tension at the computer? Total Health at the Computer is solution-oriented: All you do is look up your problem and you'll find the simple 3-MINUTE SOLUTIONS that easily give you the relief you need from any of the symptoms of Computer Stress Syndrome.

You'll also learn basic tips to prevent problems before they occur, keeping you productive, efficient and healthy while you use your computer.

For computer users, students, employers, even insurance providers, this groundbreaking book is sure to become an essential tool of the computer age.

Stay Healthy, Pain Free and Productive!

7 Eye-Saving Tips

1. Look away from the screen regularly. Focusing on an object far away, such as the water cooler down the hall or a tree outdoors, is a simple stretching exercise for eye muscles. Quickly shift your focus from near to far 3-4 times.
2. Position your monitor. It should be one 18-24 inches away, and about 6 inches below eye level.
3. Use friendly lighting. Bright fluorescent lights are a poor choice. Dimmer lights are better. Have a desk lamp for reading and doing other close work at your desk.
4. Minimize glare on the computer screen. Block excessive sunlight using window shades, blinds, or drapes. Or move your computer to a part of the room where sunlight doesn't cause glare on the screen. Antiglare screen guards and hoods also work.
5. Take regular, short breaks. A 5-minute break every hour reduces eyestrain. This is a good opportunity to oxygenate your blood with some whole-body stretches, to hydrate with a drink of water, and relax with some deep breaths, all of which support eye health.
6. Blink more often. Computer rooms are notoriously dry, and blinking is your body's natural way of lubricating your eyes and preventing dry eyes. Normally the eye blinks 10-12 times a minute.
7. Position yourself directly in front of computer. Not off to the side, as this will cause additional strain on your eye and neck muscles.

The Media Speak about Total Health at the Computer

"There's a lot of good stuff in this book ... How to feel better while sitting at the computer, how to avoid getting a back ache and stress headache ... A lot of very good advice, indeed ..."
WBAI RADIO, New York City

"These are hints that everyone can use to avoid problems linked to the computer age ... Working at a computer all day does not have to be a pain in the neck, the back or the wrists ..."
CNN News

"High stress and long days writing at the computer led to headaches, neck and shoulder pain, aching eyes and blurred distance vision. Using this book was enough for me to regain my excellent eyesight and end my workday without debilitating aches and pains."
Bonnie Petrovich, editor

"I tried some of the suggestions myself and they really work ..."
WLVI TV, Boston, MA

"A practical guide to setting up your workspace and using your computer in a way that minimizes health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and eyestrain ..."
MacUser magazine, Dec. 1993

"Martin Sussman is a real professional with good, common-sense advice ..."
WNBC TV, New York City

"Now I know everything I do wrong ... These are simple steps everybody will want to take ..."
Channel 10 TV, Bergen County, NJ

"I wish I had read Total Health at the Computer before I bought and set up my desk furniture. With the authors' suggestions, however, I was easily able to modify my work site to fit both my work and health needs. A valuable resource for alleviating discomfort and maintaining Total Health at the Computer. Get the book. It's worth it. Your body will thank you."
Spirit of Change magazine, Massachusetts, Fall 1993

"Excellent advice ..."
WWLP TV, Springfield, MA

"Computer users - listen up! ... Good advice on how to make those aches and pains go away ..."
Fox Morning News, WTTG TV, Washington, DC

"A very interesting self-help book that gives you real examples of how you can correct the problems ..."
WGGB TV, Springfield, MA

"Get your hands on this book so that you can save your hands ..."
News Channel 13, Albany, NY

"A helpful handbook that any of us who have computers should really use..There are exercises we can all try ... I love it. ...
WMUR TV, Manchester, NH

Total Health at the Computer reg. price: $13.95

176 pages, regular price $13.95, over 125 illustrations, index,

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