Eye Doctor Dr. Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D., developer of the Read Without Glasses Method, has been an optometrist specializing in vision therapy for over thirty years. Dr. Gottlieb has worked in the eye clinic of two universities (University of California - Berkeley and University of Rochester) and on the teaching faculty of the University of Houston. Dr. Gottlieb currently maintains a private practice while also lecturing about his different vision improvement methods to professionals and the general public throughout the United States, England and Europe.
Works Like Magic...But Based On Science!

First, I'll tell you about the almost hard-to-believe magic of the Read Without Glasses Method, and then I'll tell you about the 100-year-old science behind it...

I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I saw eye doctor Dr. Ray Gottlieb (the creator of the method) demonstrate it with a female patient. In virtually no time at all - just a couple of minutes, in fact - she was reading the tiniest print on the chart. Yet, before the session started she was telling Dr. Gottlieb how she thought she needed a stronger pair of reading glasses!

Needless to say, her attitude changed right along with her eyesight!

I was so impressed with what I saw that I worked with Dr. Gottlieb to streamline the method and make it available on DVD so that nearly anyone, anywhere, could use it - not just the patients in his office.

Once we had it on DVD, I taught classes on The Read Without Glasses Method in the United Sates and Europe. And what I saw in those classes was just as amazing: More than 4 out of 5 students were able to improve their close up vision - regardless of how old they were, how strong their reading glasses were, or if they were just noticing a problem for the first time. For some, the changes stuck. Others had to continue practicing the method after the class was over to get more permanent changes.

Everyone really enjoyed it, too - The Read Without Glasses Method is really fun and easy to do.

But the real beauty of the method is that it produces great results - IN AS LITTLE AS SIX MINUTES A DAY!

Will It Work For You?

In order to benefit from the method your brain and your eyes need to work together. (Remember, this method is for improving close up vision only. If you have trouble seeing in the distance (nearsightedness or myopia) click here for that program.)

Let's see if the method can work for you.

First, sit about 18 inches from your computer screen. Then, hold the thumb of your right hand 5-6 inches in front of your eyes, between you and the screen.

Now, as you focus directly on your thumb notice that - in the background - you see two images of the circle below.

Now, focus directly on the circle. Then you should see two images of your thumb in the foreground.

Most people easily get this illusion of double images - it's perfectly normal. In fact, seeing this illusion is the only thing that is necessary for the Read Without Glasses Method to work for you.

If you can't get the illusion of double images right away, just relax. Then try shifting your focus back and forth from your thumb to the circle 10 or 20 times. That may be all it takes. (If you still can't get the illusion, you may have a pre-existing visual imbalance that needs to be addressed first. Email and I'll see if we can help.)

Why This Eye Doctor Developed The Method . . .

About 25 years ago one of Dr. Gottlieb's patients, a 52-year-old man, asked him if there was a way to avoid reading glasses. Dr. Gottlieb was just about ready to respond in the negative - as his extensive medical training had taught him.

Instead, he said, "Let me think about it."

Dr. Gottlieb, who had been on the clinical faculty at the University of California-Berkeley Optometry School and a professor of optometry at the University of Houston College of Optometry, decided to investigate.

Confronted with his patient's question, Dr. Gottlieb wondered anew: Does it have to be inevitable to lose close-up vision? Could it be possible to stave it off or even reverse it?

After considerable research, study and thought, Dr. Gottlieb revisited a well-known, professionally accepted principle of vision that every eye doctor learned in medical school.

Perhaps, he thought, this principle about how the eyes function could be applied to the problem of presbyopia.

The Science Behind The Method . . .

The focusing lens of the eye and the fine muscles that surround the eye stiffen with age and lose their natural, youthful flexibility to focus easily and clearly at near.

That's how doctors explain the loss of near vision as we age.

But there is also another visual function that stimulates focusing at near.

It's called Accommodative Convergence/Accommodation.

Let me explain:

In order to see up close, first we have to turn - or converge - both eyes inward so that together they aim - or point - at what we want to see.

"Turning our eyes inward stimulates the eyes' ability to focus clearly at near," Dr. Gottlieb says.

The fact that converging the eyes stimulates near focusing has been known for over 100 years. It's a vision fact that's taught in every medical school, without question.

What was never before examined - until Dr. Gottlieb began looking at the issue - was whether this visual mechanism could successfully be applied to presbyopia.

Dr. Gottlieb found that it can.

"I've seen my patients improve their near vision, avoid reading glasses, get free of reading glasses or need weaker ones," says Dr. Gottlieb, who, for the last 20 years, has been Dean of the College of Syntonic Optometry.

Just about every other eye doctor will tell you that there is no remedy for presbyopia (the loss of near vision as we age) except surgery or corrective lenses.

But here's what they don't tell you...

There is absolutely NO scientific proof that near vision MUST deteriorate as a person ages! NONE.

Scientists studying aging eyes can report in great detail what those old eyes can't do anymore. But Dr. Gottlieb was one of the first to ask what aging eyes could do.

The Secret's In the Eye Chart

The secret to this amazing method is in the powerful eye chartRead Without Glasses!s Dr. Gottlieb developed.

These charts aren't like any you've seen before: They don't test your vision; instead, they improve your vision. You'll be amazed when you discover that there's different ways to look at the charts. Learn them and you could be reading without glasses!

Dr. Gottlieb gave this new chart to his 52-year-old patient and taught him a set of easy exercises to practice with it at home.

Two weeks later his patient returned with amazing results: Practicing just a few minutes daily, his near vision had improved from 20/200 to 20/40 and he could see clearly again without reading glasses.

So, Dr. Gottlieb began to give this new chart - the very same chart that you'll receive with your Read Without Glasses Method - to other patients who wanted to challenge their aging eyes.

And, much more often than not, Dr. Gottlieb saw the same kind of results.

Another patient, a 75-year-old optometrist who had been wearing +2.50 Diopter add trifocals for years, practiced the exercises four months before he could read the tiny print on the chart without any glasses.

And the 52-year-old patient? Three years later, his unaided acuities were even better!

Give YOUR Eyes A Chance...

Your eyes respond to exercise and relaxation, like any other part of your body. In just a few minutes a day you can keep your eyes healthy, keep them young and keep them seeing as seeing up close as well as they possibly can.

No more hassles of getting - or forgetting - your glasses . . . No need to chain them around your neck or fish for them in your purse . . . or break them in your pocket . . .

Don't take my word for it. I want you to see for yourself. The Read Without Glasses Method will show you how!

Care for your eyes,

Martin Sussman
founder and president
Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

P.S. Use the Read Without Glasses Method risk-free for 90 days.

That's more than enough time for you to start seeing results. More likely than not, you'll be sending me your own amazing testimonial.

I look forward to it!

See up close without reading glasses.
Reverse presbyopia & sharpen your near vision.

(includes Instructional DVD, two Eye-Training Charts,
FREE email and phone support.)

Outstanding Results
In Your Own Home!

Read Without Glasses Method
(includes Instructional DVD, two Eye-Training Charts, FREE email and phone support.)

Customer Reviews

The Next Morning
"The next morning I read the newspaper without glasses.
I was amazed."
R. Braunstein, NY

Near Total Reversal
"The onset of my presbyopia had been nearly completely reversed. It works!"
Gregory Laco, TX

Surprising Eye Doctor
"When I'm in my optometrist's office waiting for my yearly eye check up I do the method. I love to hear the amazement in the eye doctor's voice that I still don't need bifocal contact lenses 15 years after he first told me I would."
Judy S., Lafayette, IN

Read Without Glasses Method

(includes Instructional DVD, two Eye-Training Charts, FREE email and phone support.)

Reads Email In Minutes
"I'm able to read my e-mail without my reading glasses, and that's just from the first 5 minutes!"
M. Jaeger, author, AR

Amazing Quick Response
"I am amazed, after a few practices, I could read the smallest print which totally blew me away, I couldn't believe my eyes."
Cheryl D., Orange Park CA
Happy CustomerIngenious
"I have always believed that glasses did not have to be a part of my life and you've given me the avenues to make that happen. Thanks for your ingenuity!"
P. Signor, Cameron NC

Sees Tiniest Print
"I can sometimes read the tiniest print at the bottom of the chart. I am writing this message without my glasses!I had been wearing glasses for reading since I was 48 - I'm now 62."
David Cornberg, Ph.D.

Drugstore Readers Gone
"Before I started the method I was using drugstore readers for the most basic of newspapers and reading materials. Now I don't use them at all. I'm very pleased with the results and I'm actually more pleased with the response and support I've been getting calling your office."
Jim F., Cleveland OH

Read Without Glasses Method

(includes Instructional DVD, two Eye-Training Charts, FREE email and phone support.)

No Longer Needs GlassesChallenges His Eye Doctor - and Wins!
"My ophthal-mologist informed me that most people my age develop what is called presbyopia, an impairment of the ability to see clearly at near distances, and that it could be remedied quite easily with an inexpensive pair of reading glasses. I had heard about exercises for the eyes and asked her about them. She stated "they do not work," and that I would need reading glasses for the rest of my life, with stronger and stronger strength as I continued to age.I took her advice as somewhat of a challenge and sought out the Read Without Glasses Method. Admittedly I was skeptical, even after speaking with Martin Sussman of the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision.Remarkably within about two weeks I noticed that the onset of my presbyopia had been nearly completely reversed! Several months out I only do the exercises once or twice a week to maintain nearly perfect vision at close distances. Put quite simply the exercises work. Thanks!"
Gregory Laco, Houston, TX

Better Sight in Dim Light
"I watched the video, tried it, and obtained immediate results.The most significant improvement I've noticed so far is that I see much better in dimmer light. I'd never worn glasses before and had always been a voracious reader, but in the last year or so I''d been having some problems reading small print, especially in dim light. (I should mention that I'm 45 years old, soon to be 46.) You can imagine that the prospect of wearing glasses, in order not to cut down on my reading, didn't exactly fill me with joy."
Tony Schikula, Kyoto Japan

Read Without Glasses Method

(includes Instructional DVD, two Eye-Training Charts, FREE email and phone support.)

Gets Her Freedom - and Her Vision - Back
"When I was 47, I started to realize that I had problems reading in certain lights. I also had problems to see the hole in order to thread a needle, but since I didn't do it very often, I ignored that.It never occurred to me that I could do something so simple and affective for my eyes. Also typical, but the doctors just tell you to wear glasses instead of prescribing some exercises or something natural that I could do.I followed the instructions and noted immediately during the first session that I could start reading smaller print without glasses. I was excited. I also liked that I only needed to find 6 minutes a day to do the exercises.The Read Without Glasses Mthod has given me freedom! I was so frustrated that I need glasses. I had to have 2 pairs or else look like an old lady with them hanging around my neck.By doing the exercises, I could read the ingredients on cans in the grocery store. I could read maps without fishing around for glasses. I can quickly and easily thread a needle.I found wearing reading glasses to be such a nuisance and sometimes it would even give me headaches.Reading without glasses is youthful and I like that I can read whatever I want whenever I want without doing anything that calls attention to my age."
Susan Bagyura, Professional Business Coach

Read Without Glasses Method

(includes Instructional DVD, two Eye-Training Charts, FREE email and phone support.)

No Longer Needs GlassesA Break-through!
"My eyes had steadily been getting worse for many years. My daughter would always tease me as I would misread things on the computer and often need her to help me make out a word. She told me I just had to get glasses, as did my girlfriend, and they both felt that I was being a bit vain to hold out. I am 52.I just felt that there must be a better solution than the whole world in glasses as we age. I knew about Lasik, but I also did enough research to know that there were to me still far too many risks...many unreported...... My eyes were too important for that.Anyway, I had held out as long as I could, but before I made the final leap to glasses, I got the Read Without Glasses Method as it was recommended highly by people I respected, and I felt I had little to lose.Within a few days I could see an improvement. Within a week or two, I was actually able to have moments where I could read the finest print on the chart. Not always for a long time, but even for brief moments and it gave me great confidence that the eyes could regain much of their capability to see more clearly.It has been close to a year and I now only do the exercises every once in a while as my vision not only stopped getting worse, but has remarkably improved. I can read the finest print and as I roll on to 53, I cannot help but wonder at what point, if ever, I will need those glasses!."
Craig Wolfe, San Rafael CA


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